A Few Words About Us

Mahuli Farms is 50 acre of land located at the footsteps of Mahuli fort and hence it named after it. The land was bought about 15 years back. It was mainly purchased for preservation and protection of trees, flora and fauna, to protect Mother Nature's blessings and by enhancing the greenery and its biodiversity, to protect the environment against the increasing threat of global warming. In addition, to enhance it we have planted thousand more trees to build an ideal relaxing, soothing, refreshing, mesmerizing and breathtaking ambience. Mahuli Farms is located at the footsteps of Mahuli fort and near Manas Mandir (which is the second largest Jain Temple in India)

Owner of the farm is Mr. Madhukar Talpade, who is working tirelessly to put his dream into reality. Mr. Talpade has worked in several different fields. He started first in LIC then joined Sales Tax Dept as a Class 1 officer. He later joined the Maharastra State Police and rose to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police before opting to retire. With such a vast experience in different fields he decided to quit his job for his love towards nature. He took VRS(Voluntary Retirement) in 2009, even when he had 12 years of service ahead of him which would have led him to the position of Joint Commissioner of Police. He choose to leave the hectic life and settle for his love of nature.

Why Choose Us

The whole management of the farm is looked after by Mr. Talpade himself and his wife, Mrs. Sunita Talpade, the helping and supporting hand. Together they brought his dream into reality.Mr. and Mrs. Talpade strive for the customer's happiness more than money. It's the smiles they seek by building a home like environment and personally attending the guests. Here at Mahuli Farms they treat every visitor not as a customer but as a guest and with the same warmth.

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