Benefits of Nature and Agro Tourism Near Mumbai

Activities like camping, hiking, agro farming and other adventures are not possible in a city like Mumbai. Being a commercial city, Mumbai has very less space for such serene activities. However, there are many places near Mumbai that are perfect for camping and agro farming. One of these places is Mahuli Farms located in Shahpur which is just a few hours away and an ideal spot for a one day picnic near Mumbai. Planning such trips every now and then is vital for our peace of mind. But for now, let’s see what are the benefits of agro tourism near Mumbai and other nature related activities.

Breathing Fresh Air

A lot of areas in the city have all day hustle and bustle, moving of cars, working factories that make the urban areas polluted. It is difficult to find fresh air in the city. Thus, a 1 day picnic spot near Mumbai gives you a change of pace and being around nature gives you the fresh air you need. Scientifically, when you are around more oxygen, it has positive impacts on your body.

Stress Buster

It is no secret that working, commuting, studying and every day routine makes us stressed. At times staying home at the weekend is not enough, but instead exploring nature might be the best way to cope up with stress. What better than mother nature to make you calm and help you relax. Farming across the green lush, camping under the stars with your friends and family and others will definitely take your stress away.

Change of Diet

When was the last time you ate something healthy and organic that is actually good for your health? Your one day picnic near Mumbai at Mahuli Farms will help you enjoy a natural and healthy meal during your stay that is not only delicious but also nutritious! Because, it  is difficult to maintain a healthy diet along with the stressful city lifestyle. As they say, good food is a good mood!

If you are looking for a 1 day picnic spot near Mumbai with your friends and family then Mahuli Farms is the best option for you. We at Mahuli Farms have a 50 acre land reserved for agro farming, site seeing, archery, outdoor games and many other activities. Along with agro tourism near Mumbai we also provide other adventurous activities like camping and exploring the nearby scenic beauty. We also make arrangements for destination weddings.

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