Benefits of Nature and Agro Tourism Near Mumbai

Activities like camping, hiking, agro farming and other adventures are not possible in a city like Mumbai. Being a commercial city, Mumbai has very less space for such serene activities. However, there are many places near Mumbai that are perfect for camping and agro farming. One of these places is Mahuli Farms located in Shahpur which is just a few hours away and an ideal spot for a one day picnic near Mumbai. Planning such trips every now and then is vital for our peace of mind. But for now, let’s see what are the benefits of agro tourism near Mumbai and other nature related activities.

Breathing Fresh Air

A lot of areas in the city have all day hustle and bustle, moving of cars, working factories that make the urban areas polluted. It is difficult to find fresh air in the city. Thus, a 1 day picnic spot near Mumbai gives you a change of pace and being around nature gives you the fresh air you need. Scientifically, when you are around more oxygen, it has positive impacts on your body.

Stress Buster

It is no secret that working, commuting, studying and every day routine makes us stressed. At times staying home at the weekend is not enough, but instead exploring nature might be the best way to cope up with stress. What better than mother nature to make you calm and help you relax. Farming across the green lush, camping under the stars with your friends and family and others will definitely take your stress away.

Change of Diet

When was the last time you ate something healthy and organic that is actually good for your health? Your one day picnic near Mumbai at Mahuli Farms will help you enjoy a natural and healthy meal during your stay that is not only delicious but also nutritious! Because, it  is difficult to maintain a healthy diet along with the stressful city lifestyle. As they say, good food is a good mood!

If you are looking for a 1 day picnic spot near Mumbai with your friends and family then Mahuli Farms is the best option for you. We at Mahuli Farms have a 50 acre land reserved for agro farming, site seeing, archery, outdoor games and many other activities. Along with agro tourism near Mumbai we also provide other adventurous activities like camping and exploring the nearby scenic beauty. We also make arrangements for destination weddings.

How Natural Environment Impact On Our Well-Being?

Modern life, especially for urban people, has become tough. In addition, the pandemic and the lockdown has taken everyone’s stress level high. Due to numerous reasons like pollution, traffic, daily hustle and bustle, the city life is pretty challenging. Thus, the urban dwellers need a break and some time away from the town. That is why people are often looking for farmhouses near Mumbai for weekend. Spending some time around nature can really help you have a positive impact on your mental and physical well being. 

Here is how being around a natural environment can help you cope up with tons of problems:

Taking down depression

It is proven that a walk in the woods can combat depression. The green lush has proven to be an instant mood refresher. A research says that spending almost 90 minutes in nature lowers the negative activity in the brain. Agro resorts near Mumbai have everything to refresh your routine with nature. So, it’s an ideal option for Mumbaikars to choose for their unwinding. 

Exercising in a Natural Environment

Working out itself has its numerous benefits. Combined with the goodness of nature, its payback gets doubled. Having a positive and soothing ambiance around you can boost your positivity and help you forget about stress at least for a while. The best farm stays near Mumbai gives you the chance to exercise, workout, walk, and do a lot of physical activities while being surrounded by nature. 

Tons of psychological benefits

Have you ever noticed that walking in the park for even a few minutes gives you such a soothing feeling? Now, imagine doing that for hours and days. Think of how relaxing and peaceful it will be for you and your mind. A lot of people who have been to agro resorts near Mumbai have experienced positive impact and witnessed how it has been beneficial for them. 

Apart from all these advantages, farmhouses near Mumbai for weekend are not that far from the city. You could plan the entire trip over the weekend and get back to business after the next day itself.

If you are planning a similar trip with your friends or family then Mahuli Farms is a must visit place. It is one of the best farm stays near Mumbai and is just a few hours away from the city. We at Mahuli Farms offer a bunch of leisure activities like agro farming, indoor and outdoor games, archery, site seeing and much more.

The Impact of Nature on Mental and Physical Health

The human body is no different than a machine. Programmed to work, complete deadlines and carry out its duties. And like every machine, the human body and brain needs some time to rest. A break that can help them to recharge their energy so that they can get ready for what’s next. This break helps us to revive ourselves. Speaking of revive, what could be a better option than nature itself? No exhausting vacation, no long flights, just the soothing sound of nature around you for some time that makes you forget the city life for a while. Especially for Mumbaikars, a farm resort near Mumbai is the ideal option.

Here’s why people in Mumbai should consider a farm stay near Mumbai and surround themselves with nature:


When a machine gets overloaded, we reboot it so that it can function properly. Similarly, us as humans need a reboot to relax ourselves and lessen our stress levels. Nature has the power to cure us with its serenity and calmness. It is proven that spending more time around nature can bring down stress and anxiety levels and brighten up your mood instantly. So why not boost your mood naturally?


Just being around the scenes of nature can help in contributing towards physical and mental well being. It comes with a lot of health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and taking care of the stress hormones. The reason behind this is that humans are genetically programmed to find the elements of nature like trees, rivers, mountains, wind, green captivating. This is the reason Mumbaikars are looking to spend the weekend at a farmhouse near Kalyan.

Easily Available Nearby

Farm resort near Mumbai is just a few hours away. You don’t have to board a plane or get on a train to reach there. It’s a trip that you can plan over a weekend. So, people can leave on day one, unwind themselves with nature the next day and return back soon. Many of such farms also offer a lot of unwinding activities that complement well with the surrounding nature.

If you are planning a trip to a farmhouse near Kalyan or Mumbai, Mahuli Farms would be the best place for you. The place is located right next to the famous Mahuli Fort and around 50 acres big and serves time killing activities like archery, indoor and outdoor games, site seeing and much more. So, visit Mahuli Farms if a farm stays near Mumbai is on your list.

Why Eco Tourism after the Pandemic is a Must-Have Experience ?

Cities, nations and the entire world got hit by the pandemic affection of millions and millions of people. Everyone was quarantined in their homes for months. But now, things are gradually getting better and people are looking to spend some time away from their home. Mumbaikars are especially looking to take a break and visit a picnic spot near Mumbai for one day  and go to an agro tourism resort or something  and there are many reasons to do that.

Here’s why if you should plan an agro tourism trip if you stay in Mumbai:

An escape from Lockdown

Being quarantined for almost 6 months is tough. People have almost forgotten what outside looks like and it is about time for them to go out and explore the outdoors. This is why visiting an ecotourism resort is an ideal option. What better than nature to heal us back? Agro tourism farm helps in engaging people with agricultural activities which surprisingly has a positive impact on us.


People living in Mumbai know how difficult traveling is. So why not choose an option which is convenient rather than long? Agro tourism places like Mahuli Farms that are located a couple of hours away from Mumbai is a perfect place to plan a short holiday. This proximity gives people in Mumbai the chance to plan such trips even over a weekend. This is why a lot of people are considering visiting an ecotourism resort nearby their city.

Unaffected places

When it comes to the pandemic, the town parts of cities like Mumbai and Delhi were affected the most. Whereas outskirts of the town were not hit that badly. Things were back to normal there pretty much soon. So, you can visit such places without worrying about the pandemic. This is the reason it is safe to visit agro tourism resort near Mumbai at this time.

If you are currently planning a picnic spot near Mumbai for one day then Mahuli farms is the best choice for you. Located in Shahapur, this place has an area of 50 acres reserved for activities like agro farming. The location is hardly a couple of hours away from the city of Mumbai. We at Mahuli Farms also provide you with a plethora of leisure activities like sports, archery, indoor and outdoor games and much more. The current season, i.e. monsoon and post monsoon is the best time to visit our place.

What is Agro Tourism and Why You should Consider it ?

Agro tourism is an activity that brings tourists or visitors to a farm. In simpler words. It is an opportunity for tourists or visitors to come and experience agriculture in a personal and exclusive manner. Over the years, in India and even across the globe, the concept of agro rural tourism has flourished due to its numerous benefits. This natural activity is not just beneficial to the farm owner but also gives the tourists a chance to live and conserve mother nature.

 Here’s why a city dweller should really look forward to it:

A Few Days or Serenity

It’s no secret that life in the urban jungle is tough. Daily commute, work, pollution, and many tiring reasons make our lives miserable. Here, agricultural tourism gives us a chance to unwind. It helps us to spend a few days outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Just spend a few days in the arms of mother nature and let yourself revive.

Experience Something New

The daily life of an urban resident is monotonous. From youngsters to adults, everyone is involved in the same repetitive routine every day. In this case, learning something new will make your life interesting and will keep your mind away from your daily routine. Besides, activities like gardening and farming can help in improving your mental health.

Conserving Nature

Nature is what heals us and due to various reasons, nature is endangered. It’s our responsibility to take care of it. Agro tourism helps in conserving nature since the lands are protected and nurtured by the farm owners thus enhancing its biodiversity and protecting the flora and fauna.


Most of these farms are located just on the outskirts of the city. In other words, they are just a couple of hours away from home. This is the reason many people choose a short agricultural trip over a long vacation. Traveling to such places is so convenient that you can plan an agricultural trip even over a weekend.

If you are currently residing in Mumbai or Thane and looking to plan an agricultural tourism trip with your friends or family then Mahuli Farms is the ideal place for you. We have a 50 acre land at the footstep of the Mahuli Fort. From agro rural tourism to camping and adventure sports, we have a plethora of exciting activities for people of all age groups. Come, experience serenity with us at Mahuli Farms.