The Impact of Nature on Mental and Physical Health

The human body is no different than a machine. Programmed to work, complete deadlines and carry out its duties. And like every machine, the human body and brain needs some time to rest. A break that can help them to recharge their energy so that they can get ready for what’s next. This break helps us to revive ourselves. Speaking of revive, what could be a better option than nature itself? No exhausting vacation, no long flights, just the soothing sound of nature around you for some time that makes you forget the city life for a while. Especially for Mumbaikars, a farm resort near Mumbai is the ideal option.

Here’s why people in Mumbai should consider a farm stay near Mumbai and surround themselves with nature:


When a machine gets overloaded, we reboot it so that it can function properly. Similarly, us as humans need a reboot to relax ourselves and lessen our stress levels. Nature has the power to cure us with its serenity and calmness. It is proven that spending more time around nature can bring down stress and anxiety levels and brighten up your mood instantly. So why not boost your mood naturally?


Just being around the scenes of nature can help in contributing towards physical and mental well being. It comes with a lot of health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and taking care of the stress hormones. The reason behind this is that humans are genetically programmed to find the elements of nature like trees, rivers, mountains, wind, green captivating. This is the reason Mumbaikars are looking to spend the weekend at a farmhouse near Kalyan.

Easily Available Nearby

Farm resort near Mumbai is just a few hours away. You don’t have to board a plane or get on a train to reach there. It’s a trip that you can plan over a weekend. So, people can leave on day one, unwind themselves with nature the next day and return back soon. Many of such farms also offer a lot of unwinding activities that complement well with the surrounding nature.

If you are planning a trip to a farmhouse near Kalyan or Mumbai, Mahuli Farms would be the best place for you. The place is located right next to the famous Mahuli Fort and around 50 acres big and serves time killing activities like archery, indoor and outdoor games, site seeing and much more. So, visit Mahuli Farms if a farm stays near Mumbai is on your list.

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