Why Eco Tourism after the Pandemic is a Must-Have Experience ?

Cities, nations and the entire world got hit by the pandemic affection of millions and millions of people. Everyone was quarantined in their homes for months. But now, things are gradually getting better and people are looking to spend some time away from their home. Mumbaikars are especially looking to take a break and visit a picnic spot near Mumbai for one day  and go to an agro tourism resort or something  and there are many reasons to do that.

Here’s why if you should plan an agro tourism trip if you stay in Mumbai:

An escape from Lockdown

Being quarantined for almost 6 months is tough. People have almost forgotten what outside looks like and it is about time for them to go out and explore the outdoors. This is why visiting an ecotourism resort is an ideal option. What better than nature to heal us back? Agro tourism farm helps in engaging people with agricultural activities which surprisingly has a positive impact on us.


People living in Mumbai know how difficult traveling is. So why not choose an option which is convenient rather than long? Agro tourism places like Mahuli Farms that are located a couple of hours away from Mumbai is a perfect place to plan a short holiday. This proximity gives people in Mumbai the chance to plan such trips even over a weekend. This is why a lot of people are considering visiting an ecotourism resort nearby their city.

Unaffected places

When it comes to the pandemic, the town parts of cities like Mumbai and Delhi were affected the most. Whereas outskirts of the town were not hit that badly. Things were back to normal there pretty much soon. So, you can visit such places without worrying about the pandemic. This is the reason it is safe to visit agro tourism resort near Mumbai at this time.

If you are currently planning a picnic spot near Mumbai for one day then Mahuli farms is the best choice for you. Located in Shahapur, this place has an area of 50 acres reserved for activities like agro farming. The location is hardly a couple of hours away from the city of Mumbai. We at Mahuli Farms also provide you with a plethora of leisure activities like sports, archery, indoor and outdoor games and much more. The current season, i.e. monsoon and post monsoon is the best time to visit our place.

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